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Making transferring to a new vet easier

UX Design

Project Details

Project Goals:

Walnut Lawn Veterinarian is a personal project I completed using the Sharpen Generator. The goal for this project was to create a sign-up flow for a veterinarian that solves the pain points common in signing up for a new vet using Adobe XD.

  • Adobe XD
  • Procreate
  • Microsoft Office
  • Lead UX and UI Design
  • Solo Project
  • 3 months
  • July 2021 - September 2021
  • January 2022 - February 2022


Planning for different phases of the design process creating the vet sign in flow.

I created a plan for my design process, starting with the define/emphasize phase by looking at the problem and the pain points users have when signing up for a new vet. Then I would conduct research on vet websites and gaps in the abilities they offer. Then I would design deliverables for the responsive website on desktop and mobile, and cycle between testing, insights, and iteration until the product is complete. I had two months to work on this project so each phase took about two weeks.


Competitive audit gaps
Competitive audit opportunities.

I did competitive analysis of local veterinary websites to look at their sign-up process and the additional services they offered online. I concluded that there were not very many easy ways to transfer vet records online, nor was there many easy methods to book an appointment. This was especially lacking on mobile vet sites.

User Interviews

I interviewed five target users, people between the ages of 20-60 who have pets and have needed to transfer them to a new vet at some point. Participants were asked about their experience signing up for a new vet and what would have made the process easier for them. Users responded as following when asked about the difficulties they encountered:

  • “Transferring paperwork or whatever, that’s the most frustrating part.”
  • “I think giving the option to make the first appointment online would be cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.”

Pain Points

I discovered that there were consistent pain points that existed across many user interviews. Such as:

  • The inability to book an appointment online.
  • Trouble transferring vet records from the previous vet to the new vet.
  • Trouble registering multiple pets.
  • Frustration with the length of sign-up.


Persona card for the average user of the vet sign up flow, Jazmin.

I created a user persona to represent the average user that would access a veterinarian website to sign up. Jazmin, a student who has recently moved with her pet cat, needs to transfer her cat's records to get a refill of her medication. She also wants to book an appointment online for her senior checkup.

User Journey

User journey map for persona Jazmin in the task of transferring records to a new vet.

I created a user journey map illustrating Jazmin trying to complete the task of transferring her cat's medical history to a new vet. With the ability to input the old vet's information, the new vet can contact the old for record transfer and relieve Jazmin from the task.

Information Architecture

Site map for the vet website, with users prompted to enter the sign up flow.

I created information architecture for the vet sign up. Users can access basic vet information such as the about and services pages, but must create an account to book an appointment and transfer records. In the sign up, user must input information relevant to registering contact information and a pet to transfer records and book appointments for.


A big picture storyboard illustrating persona Jazmin in the task of transferring her records using the "fetch records" feature.

I created a big picture storyboard of our persona, Jazmin, in the task of transferring vet records after moving. She faces a lot of frustration trying to figure out how to transfer records online, and is relieved by the ability to input her old vet's information. The easy completion of this task allows her to quickly complete her profile and book an appointment.


Sketches for the vet website on desktop
Sketches for the vet website homepage on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Sketches for the home page of the responsive vet website. Users should be able to navigate to all areas of the base site, with the ability to sign up in the navigation bar, and a call to action to book an appointment (which prompts the user to sign in or create an account).

Lofi Wireframes

Lofi wireframe for vet home page on desktop.
Lofi wireframe for vet homepage on mobile.

The first digital wireframes home page of the vet registration on the responsive website. Both desktop and mobile versions pictured with a top navigation, an image carousel, and testimonials. The main call to action is "book an appointment" which prompts the start of the sign up flow.

Lofi Prototype

Screen flow for lofi vet sign in prototype.

I created a ow fidelity prototype in Adobe XD of the sign up flow and book an appointment screens. The ability to book an appointment comes with interactive dropdown menus.

Desktop Low Fidelity Adobe XD Prototype:

Mobile Low Fidelity Adobe XD Prototype:

Hifi Prototype

Layout of screens for high fidelity vet sign up flow for desktop.
I updated the prototype to a high fidelity version, including a full sign up flow, ability to "fetch" records, book an appointment, and other areas of the site.
Desktop High Fidelity Adobe XD Prototype version 1:

Mobile High Fidelity Adobe XD Prototype version 1:

Usability Testing

  • 1 in-person monitored
  • 1 remote unmonitored
  • Springfield, MO
  • 5 participants (A-E)
  • 10-20 minutes
User testing results spreadsheet for round one.
User testing results spreadsheet for round two.
Two usability studies were conducted for Walnut Lawn Veterinarian sign up flow, once during the low fidelity prototype phase and once during the high fidelity version 1 prototype phase. Participants were pet owners between the ages of 20 and 60.


Low Fidelity Prototype:
  • There was no phone number input.
  • Users wanted more interaction.
  • Users wanted sign up to be broken into smaller parts.
High Fidelity Prototype version 1:
  • Users needed more clarity about the location and purpose of “fetch records” (the ability to enter your old vet’s information and retrieve records).
  • Update profile needed to be clearer.
  • Upcoming appointments needed to be more interactive.
  • Users needed better controls for booking an appointment.
  • “Edit appointment” needed to be improved.

Hifi Prototype version 2

Flow for high fidelity vet sign in, version 2 after testing.
After another round of user testing, I created a second version of the high fidelity prototype, this time with a logo I illustrated with Apple Procreate and an appointment booking flow that includes radio buttons and editing.
Desktop High Fidelity Adobe XD Prototype version 2:

Mobile High Fidelity Adobe XD Prototype version 2:


Mobile controls for selecting a vet in booking an appointment.
Mobile controls for selecting a pet in booking an appointment.
Mobile controls for appointment summary.

The appointment booking overlays now have interactive components such as dropdowns and radio buttons to select a vet, appointment type, date, and time. This will allow users to have full ability to select the desired appointment, which would be ideal for users like Jazmin.

Desktop controls for "fetch records" feature on desktop.

I created the ability to "fetch" records by allowing users to input their pet's information and old vet contact so that the new vet can retrieve and transfer pet records. This would help ease the task for users such as our persona

Demo Video

Project Images

Desktop with sign in/sign up page on screen.
Desktop with vet home page on screen.
Mobile phone with vet homepage on screen.

Final product images of the Walnut Lawn Veterinary Hospital responsive website, available on desktop and mobile. All calls to action link to the sign up flow so that users can easily create an account using a progress tracker, transfer their records using "fetch", and book an appointment using interactive components.

Accessibility Considerations

  • AA color contrast
  • 190x45px touch target for buttons

Takeaways & Next Steps

  1. This was my first large solo project in Adobe XD. I learned a lot about using the repeat grid system and creating different component states.
  2. I also learned a lot about designing registration forms and the process of signing up for different vets online.
  3. The next step is to complete the tablet high fidelity prototype and continue user testing. Then I would like to further test accessibility.
  4. I would also like to do further research into the social impacts a feature like "fetch records" would have on the animal care industry.

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