Hey there!

I'm Mindy Kilgore

I’m a visual / ux designer and creative director based in Springfield, MO.
I like to make comics, play video games, and make comics about playing video games. My favorite games to play are fantasy role playing RPGs and horror.
I also really enjoy table top games with friends, watching anime, meditation, traveling, cooking/baking, and taking walks with my dog.

Cartoon exclaiming "But EVERY game is a girl game!"
Four panel comicCartoon illustration of video game charatersFour panel comicIllustration of samurai era JapanFour panel comicIllustration of fantasy charactersVideo game character cooking foodIllustration of sci-fi video game characters.

My Career so far

I've been working as a visual designer and illustrator since 2016.
I have a passion for storytelling and animation.
I have also published comics, displayed my artwork in galleries, illustrated children's books, and served on the board of a local arts nonprofit.

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Visual Design
UX Design
Creative Direction
Graphic Narrative
Event Production


Books I have written and/or illustrated:
  • To Be Announced
  • The Creamery Arts Center
    (Multiple Showings, 2019 - 2022)
  • Inland Arts Council Backyard Concert Series
    (Aug 2021)
  • Springfield-Branson National Airport - Sky Gallery
    (Mar-June 2021)
  • Southern MO Arts Connection
    (Oct - Dec 2020)
  • Gailey's Breakfast Cafe
    (Feb 2020)
  • A Hip Joint
    (Oct 2019)

Gallery Showcase

Displays of my work in shows or galleries:

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Or send me an email at mkilgoreartcontact@gmail.com

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