Hello! I'm Mindy Kilgore

I'm a visual / UX designer and creative director with a background in graphic design and illustration. I'm all about video games, comics, animation, and art. I have a passion for storytelling, adventure, and creating unique visual experiences!

A cartoon chest

My experience

I have six years of visual design websites, landing pages, branding, and visual assets. and three years of UX experience creating wireframes, prototypes, and interaction design.

Visual/UX Designer
June 2016 — Present
Inland Arts Council
Director and Visual Designer
May 2021— September 2022
Millennial Assistants
Visual Designer
July 2021— Jan 2022
Havana Media
Visual Designer
June 2020— July 2021

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Or send me an email at mkilgoreartcontact@gmail.com

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